Laurel and Hardy and Funicello, Too -

Comedy teams. From the Marx Brothers to The Three Stooges to Martin and Lewis to Rowan and Martin (Ok, maybe not of the same stature as the others but they were damn funny on “Laugh In”) noone but noone tops the team of Laurel and Hardy. Last week The eGarage presented “The March of the Wooden Soldiers”, Laurel and Hardy’s 1934 version of “Babes in Toyland”. Never ones to miss an opportunity to ride a hot trend or follow up with an easy segue, this week we do both. First we bring back Stan and Ollie in “The Flying Deuces” and then we followup with Disney’s 1961 version of Babes in Toyland. Laurel and Hardy and Annette Funicello all in the same week. C’mon!

With no further ado, here’s this week’s eGarage lineup.

Thursday, September 22nd
Indie Film Screenings (90 mins.)
“The Flying Deuces” is a 1939 comedic romp starring none other than eGarage favorites Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Our heroes are in Paris where spurned by the innkeeper’s daughter, the lovely Georgette, Ollie and of course Stan round-a-boutly (Do these two ever do anything in a straightforward fashion?) join the French Foreign Legion. The usual pratfalls, miscues and hilarity ensue. If you are at all a fan of Laurel and Hardy, “The Flying Deuces” is a “can’t miss” for you. Come to eGarage. We’ve got the best in classic flicks and more.
Tickets: $10

Improv Nation (60mins.)
Performing every Thursday and Saturday at 7:30pm. Come check out New York's newest improv venue. This short form show will feature performers from UCB and The Pit training centers along with former house players at The Magnet and ComedySportz. Sure to make you laugh, come enjoy this audience interactive show and eGarage's only 100% improvised show!
Tickets: $15

Power of Words Music Show (90 mins.)
The Power of Words Music Show is a New York City based, bi-weekly live performance web series showcasing the best talent in music, poetry, and spoken word. With performances by various artists of different genres, Power of Words has a magnificent blend of music and art culture. Hosted by two seasoned performers, Brinez & Jacqueline Santiago, Power of Words is sure to entertain and satisfy music lovers of all ages. Join us as we take a look and a listen, to the sounds that fuel our souls, and surround our everyday lives.
Tickets: $10

Friday, September 23rd
Open Mic (120 mins.)
Need I say more. Come strut your stuff. Singers, magicians, comedians, jugglers, knife-throwers, tightrope walkers, snake charmers and more… All are welcome. All on the eGarage stage.
Tickets: $5

Indie Film Screenings (120 mins.)
“Babes in Toyland”
Based on Victor Herbert’s 1903 operetta of the same title, Ray Bolger and Ed Wynn bolster a young cast including Tommy Sands as Tom Piper and ex-Mouseketeer Annette Funicello as Mary Contrary. Annette Funicello! Be still my heart. Released in 1961, this is a feel-good, happy-ending movie where good wears white and evil is just plain out and out BAD. In the real world, too. America was on the rise, we knew our friends, could easily identify our enemy (The Red Menace!) and well… life was good. This fantastical movie captivated me as a kid when it was on “The Wonderful World of Disney” and it will captivate you today. Come. Remember a simpler time. Bring the kids. You’ll love it.
Tickets: $10

eGarage Comedy (120 mins.)
Tonight's comedians include:
Chris Gardner is a regular with eGarage and has a resume that includes many of the top venues across the country. We are proud to welcome Chris back.
Jorge Martell is the Winner of "NYC Funniest Young Comedian 2011 Contest" held in June at Broadway Comedy Club, makes regular monthly appearances at Caroline's On Bdwy and has had stints at New York Comedy Club & Stand-Up NY
Also on the card:
Phil Gdanski
Andre McSween
Tickets: $5

Saturday, September 24th
Open Mic (120 mins.)
Bring it on. Contortionists, ventriloquists, impressionists (Not the painters. And what ever happened to the Rich Littles of the world anyway? David Frye anyone?) come and perform before a live studio audience. We’re all ears, eyes, noses and mouths. Come show us your gift.
Tickets: $5

Improv Nation (60 mins.)
Need I say more. If you’ve been to The eGarage for an Improv Nation gig you know what a quick-witted and fast-tongued bunch this is. If not, come to The eGarage and check out the one, the only, short form improv show that is eGarage’s own… the incomparable Improv Nation.
Tickets: $15

eGarage LIVE (150 mins.)
Join us every Friday and Saturday night for live music only at eGarage. Featuring musical talents from acoustic to reggae to blues. eGarage LIVE will have a different theme each Friday and Saturday. This promises to be an event you won't want to miss!
Tickets: $10

Movies. Improv. Music. Comedy. We have got it all. LIVE. Come see what the buzz is all about.

Tchau for now.
Peter out.

September 19, 2011 12:31pm

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