The Fogg of Time


"The Fogg Of Time" is an interview based talk show where host Darren Fogg via his time machine brings in guests from throughout time and grills them on their roles in history. With topics ranging from completely factual to utterly absurd, every guest is bound to uncover some hidden gem that has been lost in the fog of time. So join us the first and third Thursday of each month as we make (up) history!



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The Fogg of Time Episode 6

Featuring Osama Bin Laden, His Courier, Abba Zita Supramati Bin Laden

The Fogg of Time Episode 5

Featuring Marlon Brando, Chief How Ditygetire, and Joel Siegel

The Fogg of Time Episode 4

Featuring Jesus Christ, Satan, Lady Magdalene, and Buddah

The Fogg of Time Episode 2

Featuring Adolph Hitler, Eva Braun, and Professor Maurice Goldbergsteinwitz

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Devin Klos

Join me, Darren Fogg, as I travel through time, bringing you history's biggest and boldest figures as we try to piece together their lives and everything else that has been lost... in "The Fogg Of Time"!


Amanda Bruton


Megan Boyle

Born and raised in Texas, Megan likes to remind everyone where she originally hailed from, both Texas and Irish roots. She's been acting professionally now for over six years and has spent the majority of her career being a full time working actor. From cruise ships to tours to regional to even Branson, Missouri; she has had the pleasure of read more...

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